Ode to yellow-orange

Sunday, January 30, 2005

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waxy crown,

paper suit

noogies all day

wear you down

boxed brothers

jumped ship;

post office floor

rolling colors

one crayon,

envelope, letter

arrived that day

to my town


Ode-eous endings are good for no one. :p

Listening to:

paul simon. african skies. counting crows. omaha. jack johnson. rodeo clowns. michael mcdonald. yah mo be there. stones. beast of burden


Next Ode in the lineup goes to *buh duh duh* Paul Simon, the brilliant storyteller that he is.

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I'm out

Friday, January 28, 2005

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for the weekend. It's time to get some air on those sweet fan buses and see some friends. I hope to --

build a fort

draw a picture

meet a bus buddy

glitter my fingernails

see a movie

sing a Beatles tune, karaoke style

sleep ant-free

I'll let you know how it goes. ;)

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Thailand rocked and rolled today

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Why? Well, here's the story.

I'm in the back of a borrowed chevette (ish) with my two co-teachers in the front. We pull into a full-service station (as they all are here; what was the logic in getting rid of those in the US?) A Thai guy in an aqua work shirt and a pony tail comes to the window and says the equivalent of, "Ma'am, could you move your car to the other pump?" I'm thinking the pump is out of order or something and my initial reaction (argh) is annoyance. Then, we realize that the tank door is actually on the other side of the car and that was the pump buddy's polite way of letting her know.

FIRST-- Sometimes the passive aggresiveness here is like fingernails against my direct-style, US infusion.

SECOND-- Sometimes, tact is kind.

THIRD-- --"terb" is the official name of the tank door of a vehicle. The name originated during WWII. When using tanks for cover during enemy fire, GIs would use "terb" for orientation, as in "Cleatus, SNAFU, "turb"side." Tactical Engineered Readiness Built-in. Am I Balderdashing you?

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Ants on toast..err.. or Aubrey on toast. It's ON!

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I'd like to try it. Maybe it would give these trails of little, super ants something to think about. They crawl down from my ceiling. They trail under my mattress. They stuff my pillow. They hide in my underwear! I've stomped, sprayed, starved, bleached,and sprayed. They're genetically superior to any ants I've ever seen. If I manage to keep a crumbless house, they eat paper or fabric. If there's a crumb to be found, they're on it, stat. I have a feeling, were there a rice field hurricane this far north, my house would never fall. The whole structure is reinforced by the marching bodies of a bazillion ants. I can actually tell the difference between an ant bite and a spider bite while the beast is munching. I'm just training for Fear Factor, folks. But seriously, sometimes I worry if they joined forces, they'd eat me alive. I know I'm more delicious than PAPER... and they've already resorted to THAT. Aaaaaaah!!

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A good, hot cuppa

Thursday, January 27, 2005

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I love throat coat in the morning. I love it in the afternoon. I even love it in the hot season, which is really saying a lot. "What is it?" the curious ones ask. Well, it's this tea by Traditional Medicines that aims to sooth a sore throat. I'm all about preventative care and I drink this tea whenever I can. It tingles. You can find it at any healthish supply store. I wanted to share the joy a little this morning... and if that weren't enough joy, LEARN TO MOONWALK! http://www.tess-impersonates-mj.com/school/school.html *sigh* Oh, whatever happened to those rockin Jacksons?

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I went to Verona

... or thought I did when my bathroom was suddenly fountained. It was a dark, steamy night. The sounds of Chinese water torture came from the doorway at the back of my room. *drip* *drip* I got up and discovered my toosh sprayer leaking. I tightened the bolt. After all, what are bolts for if not for tightening? Before I realized what was happening, my pajamas were soaked and I had a fountain spewing from the wall. oooof. Thank goodness for the helpful dude at the hardware store or I'd STILL be taking a raft to the toilet. :)

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Hello Blogger Blogspot, I hope to love you!

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Testing, uno, song, trois.


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