Ants on toast..err.. or Aubrey on toast. It's ON!

Friday, January 28, 2005

I'd like to try it. Maybe it would give these trails of little, super ants something to think about. They crawl down from my ceiling. They trail under my mattress. They stuff my pillow. They hide in my underwear! I've stomped, sprayed, starved, bleached,and sprayed. They're genetically superior to any ants I've ever seen. If I manage to keep a crumbless house, they eat paper or fabric. If there's a crumb to be found, they're on it, stat. I have a feeling, were there a rice field hurricane this far north, my house would never fall. The whole structure is reinforced by the marching bodies of a bazillion ants. I can actually tell the difference between an ant bite and a spider bite while the beast is munching. I'm just training for Fear Factor, folks. But seriously, sometimes I worry if they joined forces, they'd eat me alive. I know I'm more delicious than PAPER... and they've already resorted to THAT. Aaaaaaah!!

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