I went to Verona

Thursday, January 27, 2005

... or thought I did when my bathroom was suddenly fountained. It was a dark, steamy night. The sounds of Chinese water torture came from the doorway at the back of my room. *drip* *drip* I got up and discovered my toosh sprayer leaking. I tightened the bolt. After all, what are bolts for if not for tightening? Before I realized what was happening, my pajamas were soaked and I had a fountain spewing from the wall. oooof. Thank goodness for the helpful dude at the hardware store or I'd STILL be taking a raft to the toilet. :)


  1. Methinks you and some friends of mine have sympathetic souls lol

  2. Heh. Wet socks. oooh. That's just never good.


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