Thailand rocked and rolled today

Friday, January 28, 2005

Why? Well, here's the story.

I'm in the back of a borrowed chevette (ish) with my two co-teachers in the front. We pull into a full-service station (as they all are here; what was the logic in getting rid of those in the US?) A Thai guy in an aqua work shirt and a pony tail comes to the window and says the equivalent of, "Ma'am, could you move your car to the other pump?" I'm thinking the pump is out of order or something and my initial reaction (argh) is annoyance. Then, we realize that the tank door is actually on the other side of the car and that was the pump buddy's polite way of letting her know.

FIRST-- Sometimes the passive aggresiveness here is like fingernails against my direct-style, US infusion.

SECOND-- Sometimes, tact is kind.

THIRD-- --"terb" is the official name of the tank door of a vehicle. The name originated during WWII. When using tanks for cover during enemy fire, GIs would use "terb" for orientation, as in "Cleatus, SNAFU, "turb"side." Tactical Engineered Readiness Built-in. Am I Balderdashing you?

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