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Thursday, February 24, 2005

I went to a funeral today. It's a gathering at the temple around the mini temple where they burn bodies (I'm sure there must be a more official name for this). The body burning temple has a huge chimney that spreads ashes around the city when there's a funeral. It's kind of morbid, but really, kind of refreshing. Think, instead of packaging death in sweet styrofoam, Thais sweep it off their porch in the morning. Ehem, I digress. So, during the ceremony, I'm sitting in this circle of old ladies. It was all the usual sucking of teeth until one of the ladies whips a white, plastic jar from her bag and opens the lid. Like a pro, she spoons out a portion of white crystallic glue and spreads it on a ripe leaf. She rolls it. She pops it in her mouth and chews. Chews. Chews. The 40-somethings berate the Linkin Park lovers as a horde of huffing gangsters, but Granny is rolling a little more than her hair. oooooooooooooooey.

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