Monday, February 28, 2005

Mutley takes five,
chin on his paws ...
awning, his choice of 15 Hondas.
Closing, his lids take a one-inch dive.

Pictures arrive,
Pork he can't taste.
Drooling, his pillow pools saliva.
Thinking, what black-and-white waste.

Night comes in haste.
Out of the road...
Howling, our pooch prepares for the race.
Tramping, he's fast. Unleashes his load.

Then howls low code,
short, short, long, long.
Ending, he slumps, eyes follow the toad.
Hopping in spurts of short,short,long,long.

Mut likes frogsong.
Helps frog survive.
Barking, he's strong; he's alpha; belongs
When he's satisfied,Mutley takes five.

Crazy weekend of traveling here and there trying to see people. Not always successful! I missed my bike, but had a good time. Still no pink wig.

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