The pair

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was exceptionally careless with sunglasses. She lost them with her lap as she stood to move a chair and found them again as 30-boxing boys trampled them underfoot. There was a pair with yellow shades--missing at school. The tortoise-shell framed? Left at the market. The extra dark ones? The counter at the post office. The Elton John pair? Road below backpack. The aviator specs? Who knows! Then, a happy day arrived. The girl went to a real mall that was fully stocked with immitation designer eye-gear. After passing over a hot pair of "Oakey"s, she settled on "V"ersace. They were bold, yet understated. Elegant ... and cheap! The weeks passed and the girl kept track of these shades as she had no other.

One trip to Lotus. One bathroom stall. TWO MINUTES of mindlessness! I pity the fool who wears them in public!


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