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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

for two or more players aged 16 and up. convicted felons may not play, except in California, where marijuana convictions are not considered.
Each player puts on one of the blue suits from the box and pastes one of the cheesy smile cutouts on his or her face. Pass out blue and red chips to determine who plays the interviewer and interviewee roles. The interviewer(s) take turns asking questions from the STANDARD QUESTIONS cards. The interviewee who is first to provide the answer listed on the back of the STANDARD QUESTION card gets a gold star. The interviewee with the most gold stars gets the job! Extra points for eye contact and a firm handshake.
Ok, my game needs work. It's ridiculous to hire someone based on these things, isn't it? I guess the whole "it's who you know" thing is true for a reason.

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