Massage in Thailand

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I just ran into a former volunteer who was stationed in Phuket about 7-years ago. She comes back every few years to visit her old site. Anyhoo...she brought Easter chocolate and told me a story about Wat Po. Apparently, massage used to be one of the temple arts. The monks perfected the methods and used it on the royal family. Yeah, originally, massage was only for the royals. Then, Rama V (the same king who brought silverware to Thailand) discovered the medicinal benefits of massage and decided it should be available to the common man. These days, massage masters shout from every corner, but its birthplace is Wat Po ... not too far from the guesthouse where I stay. I may give it a go before I fly out.

POST SCRIPT-- Who does the new version of SMB's Joker?

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