Love and Loss

Thursday, April 28, 2005

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Susi is a crazy whirlwind of heart. She's smart, genuine (sometimes startingly so), and vibrantly colorful. The first time she introduced me to Tsiki, it was with a silly home dance video he and his friends had made. She told the story of how they met. One week in the city, she was sick ... barfing all over the place ... and he came over and held her hair back. She loved him. She saw his home and met his parents. An Israeli guy visiting Thailand meets a US PC volunteer and sparks fly. He has to go back to his country to serve his time in the army. The Jerusalem Post "Staff Sergeant Tsiki ... was killed Monday, April 26, 2005, when a car crashed through an IDF checkpoint on Halhoul Bridge." Lord. Lord. Lord. If justice is as sure a law as gravity, bring it.
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the freedom of age

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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Yesterday, I hung out around town during the day. I had breakfast in WalMart while waiting for all the other businesses in town to open. It seemed to be "the" place to be -- there were older gentlemen filling at least two tables, drinking coffee, telling lies. At the local library, I held the door for a man who walked from his car clenching a giant stogee between his teeth. With his confident(albeit slower) stride, this man struck me with the freedom that must come with age... life with absolutely no one to impress! Getting older isn't so bad.
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Sunday, April 24, 2005

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I went to WalMart to buy another
pair of cheap sunglasses.
A tag attached said "handmade"
what hands would those be?
The kids in Indonesia?
Doesn't something have to have a bit of creative spark to be labeled handmade?
Doesn't everything we can buy start with our hands?
It's just gross to me that a few pieces of tinted plastic merit the label "handmade"
Call me a craft snob.
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A night on the floor- An undignified rambling

Monday, April 18, 2005

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On the floor tonight
I found ribbons
tossed by 4 two-year old children
Happy birthday to Mom!
On the floor tonight
I found shards of glass
from a wine glass that slipped from my hands.
Oops! I'm a bit clumsy.
On the floor tonight
I found discarded crayons
left by the kiddies who don't know "free"
Oh, that I could leave crayons where they lay.
On the floor tonight
I scooched chairs and rolled hoakies
that don't really work
but we like to pretend.
Now it's all over and I'm back at home
I'm still thinking about the floor
Only this time, with longing for sleep!
*please, no breadsticks in my dreams!*

Buona Noche!
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Saturday, April 9, 2005

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New job: serving Italian food & beverage and providing guests with an enjoyable experience. I've gone crazy and am listening to Bocelli, reading about Italy, and considering a trip to Tuscany. :) In honor of Italyfest, here's a poem and painting from Massimo D. Zilioli. Salut! Cin Cin.

Via via
corri con me amore
sin quando questo violino zigano avrà la forza per suonare la sua pazza canzone
Via via
corri con me amore
questa folle corsa che ti dono come pegno antico, come sogno nuovo, se vuoi...
corri con me amore.

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