A night on the floor- An undignified rambling

Monday, April 18, 2005

On the floor tonight
I found ribbons
tossed by 4 two-year old children
Happy birthday to Mom!
On the floor tonight
I found shards of glass
from a wine glass that slipped from my hands.
Oops! I'm a bit clumsy.
On the floor tonight
I found discarded crayons
left by the kiddies who don't know "free"
Oh, that I could leave crayons where they lay.
On the floor tonight
I scooched chairs and rolled hoakies
that don't really work
but we like to pretend.
Now it's all over and I'm back at home
I'm still thinking about the floor
Only this time, with longing for sleep!
*please, no breadsticks in my dreams!*

Buona Noche!

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