Love and Loss

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Susi is a crazy whirlwind of heart. She's smart, genuine (sometimes startingly so), and vibrantly colorful. The first time she introduced me to Tsiki, it was with a silly home dance video he and his friends had made. She told the story of how they met. One week in the city, she was sick ... barfing all over the place ... and he came over and held her hair back. She loved him. She saw his home and met his parents. An Israeli guy visiting Thailand meets a US PC volunteer and sparks fly. He has to go back to his country to serve his time in the army. The Jerusalem Post "Staff Sergeant Tsiki ... was killed Monday, April 26, 2005, when a car crashed through an IDF checkpoint on Halhoul Bridge." Lord. Lord. Lord. If justice is as sure a law as gravity, bring it.

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