Cappy and the River & the good life

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I'm browsing through this book, copyright 1960, thinking how simple life has the potential to be. According to the jacket summary, the book is about Cappy (the dog) and Ken's (the boy)adventures on a riverboat cruise. Ken has no piano lessons, classes, community service, or life-enrichment exercises ... he has his dog, the river, and a boat... and those are his lessons, classes, community, and life-enrichment. I wonder how much more USers can cram into a day before the days explode in their constipation.

On the other hand, I've seen life with just the fields, the buffalo, and the fish. People tend (almost??maybe??) to get caught up and numbed by their routines just as frequently as we do in the fast lane USA.

I guess finding "the good life" has less to do with lifestyle as it does with the person who's living---The man running the hustle in the bustle who aches to know the deeper meaning in life will look ... and find. The farmer in the upper reaches of "nowhere" who longs to understand why the seasons change will ask ... and He will answer.


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