Love to the givers

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I love it when people are cool. It's late, so forgive me a bit of blabber, but here's a prime example of goodness that happened tonight. Three older ladies (one was 96.) Her daughter kept repeating that over and over...also saying "she'll live to be 100!!" often. The two younger ones (67 or older) walked with canes and walkers (one walking aid per lady, of course). ANYWAY. The driver lost her keys and asked for a hanger so she could go break into her own car. I was distraught. Picturing this lady with a walker in one hand and a hanger in the other trying to bust open her car door, I wasn't sure how to help. I kept offering to call a service, but the ladies wouldn't have it. Then, *vocal flourish, please*, a man in another table offered to go open the car door for the ladies. He set off their alarm doing it, but he got it open. The driver lady ended up finding her keys in the booth seat. Wow.

THE POINT: Sometimes, it seems like the world is full of takers. In the world of servers, the takers are the people who:
1.)Steal pitchers of lemonade they did not fill.
2.)Require the vocal talents of others when singing is in order, but will not sing for others.
3.) Are always "busy" when the team needs help.

It's refreshing to see an instance of total giving like our hero in the booths--- the man with the hanger.

Must sleep.
More than 12-hours at the restaurant.
Again tomorrow.
oy vey.

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