Professional Tests, Higher Education, and Gumbo

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wooh! I passed the ETS test that certifies me to be a librarian. This moment, I'm sitting in a teaching lab at our local university. I'm taking a two-week crash course in web design. It feels good to be in class. I just like maybe this is the honeymoon phase. I'm rambling, but it has been a while, ay?
My question: Who would make the best gumbo? Mere Charlotte in N'awlins who learned in her grandma's kitchen or Lena, who studied at a culinary school in the same city? What does a degree really prove?

It surprised me how many of my co-workers are degreed. Last night, I shared a section of tables with this great girl who has her MBA. Yeah.

That's all. Back to abstracts.



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