Thursday, August 25, 2005

Week One

Thursday marked week one. I've been "library media specialist" for one week. Somehow, I keep thinking I should have all the projects (organizing remote controls, inputing new kindergardeners, writing grants) finished by now.

Where did the British guards and their uniform think tankers get the idea for the fluffy, tall, chin hats?

Must sleep.
Picture day tomorrow.
Hair-cut Saturday. Poor planning?
We shall see.
Love. Books. Racoons.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Books, Books, everywhere and not a minute to read!

I've been fronting shelves like a mad woman!
I guess I'm officially a librarian.
I think I'm going to love it.
I have a huge racoon puppet. Could a girl ask for more?
um...maybe a grant for new bookshelves?? :)
School starts next Thursday.


Tuesday, August 2, 2005

my gorgeous momma

My mom is gorgeous because
She rocked me to sleep when I was five and it was storming.
She points her "triangle lips" at people she loves.
She wraps presents with raffia.
she's crafty.
She hates to dust.
She's starting nursing school -- after 40.
She sees "sunflowers" in cell slides.
She didn't tell me my doll's freckle wasn't real (until a few months ago).
She fell for my dad.
She has blue eyes of a rare shape and kindness.
She loves to dress up (in costumes, that is).
She's a petite, mighty gal.
She loves people in a real, personal kind of way.
She's interested in fostering life (in roses, kids, and pretty much everything).

I love you, Mom!