my gorgeous momma

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

My mom is gorgeous because
She rocked me to sleep when I was five and it was storming.
She points her "triangle lips" at people she loves.
She wraps presents with raffia.
she's crafty.
She hates to dust.
She's starting nursing school -- after 40.
She sees "sunflowers" in cell slides.
She didn't tell me my doll's freckle wasn't real (until a few months ago).
She fell for my dad.
She has blue eyes of a rare shape and kindness.
She loves to dress up (in costumes, that is).
She's a petite, mighty gal.
She loves people in a real, personal kind of way.
She's interested in fostering life (in roses, kids, and pretty much everything).

I love you, Mom!


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