Carrot Cake Caper

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cocktail Hour at WalMart began when she arrived. This woman looked like an average US woman doing her average WalMart pantry stuffing. But, in the shadows of her imagination, she was Robina Hood. The resemblance was stunning, really. Robin Hood: Dashing, misunderstood well-to-do noble guy robbing the wicked rich to save the starving poor; WOMAN: foxy, misunderstood small-town dweller robbing the corporate giant to save the starving ... er... poor. Her cart was almost full. There were the gushing fruit snacks for Sally, the powdered milk for Tommy, and Gingleheim's favorite blue, sweet pea flavored corn chips. The woman rolled past the frozen pizzas with speed, curved around the seaseme-seed buns, and paused in front of the creme cakes. Suddenly, there was a commotion at the apple stand to her right. This was the moment for action! Robina threw back her hair, lifted the plastic cover on a nicely frosted carrot creme cake, and pulled out a sizable portion. The portion fit perfectly in the plastic bag in her purse. While Sally enjoyed her fruit snack gushers, Robina would have one sweet coffee break! Ten points for the down-and-out. Zero: Corporate Giant.

And then... Here comes a brunette who needs a treat to bring to a family gathering at the VFW. She goes for the carmel apple pie, but needs something else.... something for veggie lovers.... hmmmm... She goes for the chocolate cake and withdraws (beans aren't REALLY a veg, are they?)..... She reaches for the carrot cake and puts it in her cart...not realizing until she reaches her car that she has been a victim of the BUH DUH DUNNNNNNNN

Carrot Cake Caper.

I'm such a sucker! Who doesn't NOTICE the cake they're buying has a MISSING CHUNK?? Oy, me!

Family. Festive. Karaoke.

Note: The Carrot Cake Caper is an alleged Caper and may or may not actually be caping in your area. WalMart is an alleged "giant" and may actually be of normal size in your area. Authorities recommend you shop with care.

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