Monkey say; Monkey Do. Mr. Bumps, Get back on the turnip truck.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Once again, I've been caught by an old book. How could I NOT pick up a book called Mr. Bumps and his Monkey?? There is actually a picture of a monkey with a crown and ruby robes on the cover! Sometimes corny is just what an evening needs. Here it is...

Mr. Bumps was a young man, a sailor. He stopped on the west coast of Africa once where a villager presented him with this monkey for sale.

"And then something which Mr. Bumps had not expected at all happened. It was this. His eyes, as has been said already, were of a particularly bright blue; and as the blue of his blue eyes met the gazing hazel of the monkey's, the creature stirred on his arm, opened his mouth, and made a remark. Mr. Bumps had never paid much attention to foreign tongues, and he did not understand what it said. Nevertheless, he knew what it meant. He knew for certain that the tiny, liquid syllables which had issued from the small mouth were a message from friend to friend."

Heh. BALDERDASH! I've never spent time with African monkeys, but if they're anything like Asian monkeys, T-RASH! Some friends and I once interrupted a settlement of monkeys during mating season. I've never SEEN so many fangs! Sling shots have a very practical use when it comes to monkeys and it's not because of their "liquid syllables." They're theives.

Monkeys (at least the kind I met) are much cuter in National Geographic. C'mon Mr. Bumps, wise up.

Sheesh. Sleep. Swimming.

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