Pranks, Kranks, and Christmas Cheer

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Heh. I saw magnetic sign on the back of a Jimmy the other night that said, "Santa for Hire, call 888-9876 (or whatever the number was)"
What a funny prank that would be to an unsuspecting driver headed out on a cross-country haul. heh. Another clever one I found:

X-mas Lights
In 1994 Keith Yelton, a resident of Gresham, Oregon, went all out with his outdoor christmas lights, stringing hundreds of them up all around his property. A few days later, he received what appeared to be an official notice from the city informing him that he had violated an ordinance forbidding the display of more than 100 lights per house. Yelton panicked and shot a worried letter back to the city. The city officials who received his letter were puzzled, because they hadn't sent him any such warning.

I heard another good one about putting a lacy "Mrs. Clause suit" into an unsuspecting "grandmother" type's cart...

but then again, where's the LINE here? :)

Headed to Texas for some holiday yee-ha!
See ya soon, folkies.

Jolly Christmas!

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