Shake your tilak, gents

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

According to my 5-minutes of research (i.e. don't bet the farm on this)

"THAT INDIAN DOT" OR bindi: "drop" in Sanskrit. Hindi put the dot (bindi or tilak) on the most significant pressure point (mid-forehead) to symbolize their connection with the "third eye". It used to serve as a reminder for women of their commitment to their spouse. Now, it has morphed into a beauty mark/accessory and has lost much of its meaning.

THE POINT: Why is it so easy in the States to be unaware of a guy's marital status? Some guys who work with their hands have to take rings off at work; some just don't wear a ring; some never talk about their families; etc.,etc. Men should definately have a married prefix. Women have THREE prefixes:

Miss, Ms., and Mrs.

guys have one:


(ok, I'm leaving out Dr., Prof., M.D., Esquire, or whatever...but hang with me)

What is UP with that?? Why does marriage change a woman's name front and back when a man keeps the same name for.ever?

So, PLEASE, MEN, Put a picture of your wife on your desk, wear your ring, talk about your family once a month, put a picture of your kids in your wallet, or bring lemon poppyseed loaves to the company picnic (along with your WIFE).

For the sake of a single girl's sanity.

love. holidays. love holidays.


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