Sunday, July 30, 2006

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I have five-minutes left on my internet access here at the public library, so thank goodness I'm a fine, speedy typist. woosh. This is a gorgeous city! Who knew?? Why did I imagine the South as one big cotton field? That was ignorant of me. 4-minutes. Vines hang on trees here like they do in Thailand and there are SO many TREES, they hang over the highways...almost like they're saying: "Don't come any closer." Hmmm... Life will be more settled within the week. I can't wait! Sweet! 3-minutes. Ok, better safe.


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New Kiwi Dance Craze!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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This reminds me of battle or something. Hilarious. These guys are crazy about their rugby!! Here's my ish, ish, babelfish translation of what they're YELLING: (AGAIN--How can a man who is screaming this ad anuerism be saying something so pretty???)

Click Me (Don't be Scared!...or...Be a LITTLE Scared) :)

Strike the hands over your thighs;
Puff up your chests;
Bend your knees;
Shake your hips to the rhythm;
It's Death! It's Death!
It's Life! It's Life!
It's Death! It's Death!
It's Life! It's Life!
Here the hairy man (maybe "macho man"??) plays
to seek the sun
and the newness makes it shine!
A Step Up!
Another Step Up!
A Step Up!
Another Step Up!

And there you have it. Cheers to rugby and macho men who scream poetry. ;)

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Martha Stewart has a crush on Letterman

Monday, July 24, 2006

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It's true. For some insane reason, it was one of the Late Show's that cracked me up the most! If you want to see Ms. Stewart loosen up, watch her eyebrows on this clip. She's diggin', indeed.

:) You'll need Real Player.

Celebrity crushes. self-cleaning oven. packing.

Martha sprinkling a little sugar on top
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I had a scorpion in my pant leg

Sunday, July 23, 2006

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Yeah, I went to move my car past midnight last night. I felt a tickling on my ankle when I came back in. I did a little shimmy and out flopped a scorpion...a little bigger than a big dude's thumbnail. eeek!
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At the Drive-In

Saturday, July 22, 2006

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In the mid-eighties, California still had a few drive-ins. So, every few months, we'd pack up the Camero with pillows and watch a few movies as a family. It was 5-bucks a carload for TWO movies. It was amazing how many people some people could cram in a vehicle!! My sister and I were usually asleep by the end of the first movie, so Mom and Dad had some time to themselves. :) Thank goodness they aren't gone! To find a drive-in in your area, go to Drive-In Locator

traditions. time together. good movies

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Things I'm Thinking About...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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A friend in Israel. She says it's just business as usual, though they may have to sit in some bomb shelters soon. eesh! Best updates: Haaretz

Braveheart. What is it about William and Murron that gets me? I'm such a sap.

Water. I was reading something that said water is completely abnormal. It doesn't follow any of the elemental rules. If it followed the normal rules, ice wouldn't float, ponds would freeze from the bottom up, and all the fish would die. It's a beautiful thing (and in short supply around here!).

Transition. I should really keep major life changes down to 1 every few years instead of 3 a year! There's a lot to be said for stability...but really, I guess there's only the Lord who never changes.

The things commercials don't tell you and the things they do. The sleep aid commercial that cautions the pills "may cause drowsiness" Hmmmm.....

One more--
The She-ra DVDs are coming out soon. buh duh duh duh duh dun dun...She-ra! She-ra! Ok, it's childish, but it reminds me of being a kid. It was the one show I was completely devoted to.

I'm going to blog fast (as in "go without", not "quickly" heh) for a few days. I've gone a little overboard with the blogging. Until next time...

frisbee.resume.Counting Crows.

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I posted some new photos, but if yours isn't included, it's because I don't have a pic...not because I don't think you're swell.

love.snapshots.good times had by all.

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The Countdown

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Sometimes, I think we (ok, *I*) be-labor decisions to death. What I want:
1. To be a part of a church body again 2. To pursue grad school 3. To feel like I'm doing something that MEANS something 4. To live in a place I like! 5. To remain a part of the lives of my lovelies (That sounds scary, like Lord of the Rings skeezy man or something...but I really mean...all the people I enjoy!) heh.

SO, I'm jumping. T-minus 10-days (ish) in Texas! In honor of these final Texas days...a list of some of the things I've found to like about this Lonestar Land:

1. I love that peaches and pecans grow in one place!
2. I love that it's sunny every day! (NOTE: I wrote this before I experienced 105.7-degrees in the SHADE yesterday!)
3. I love spending time with my folks.
4. I love how well the interstate works in cities. It's smartly designed.
5. I love the diversity.
6. I love the good Mexican food.
7. In spite of myself, I like guys with a bit of "swagger"
8. Line dancing could be a good time.
9. It's really nice that the local folk feel some pride for their stomping grounds.
10. I saw the most amazing fireworks on July 7th (ish?)--it was about midnight. I was driving around and saw them flashing in the sky. I followed them until I found the source and laid on the hood of my car. That will always be a Texas moment. :)
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Thank you, Willie!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I love this song!
It's Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)-- Willie Nelson.
Amazon will give you a taste for free...but the whole song is really better.

Click Me

Scroll down--It's on disc one. Track 6.


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Slap THAT on your thighs!

Monday, July 17, 2006

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My dad didn't cook a lot when we were growing up, but now that Mom is in school, he has been helping more. He is so good at it! Last night, we picnic-ed inside with fried chicken. It's the best I've had. But Dad gives all the credit to Loretta Lynn! So, without further ado.... buh duh duh duh!.... from Loretta Lynn's You're Cookin' It Country....

1 (2 1/2 to 3-pound) Chicken, cut-up

Seasoned Flour
1 1/2 cups flour
1 tablespoon garlic salt
1 1/2 teaspoons pepper
1 1/2 teaspoons paprika
1/4 teaspoon poultry seasoning

Crispy Batter
2/3 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1 egg yolk, beaten
3/4 cup water
Shortening (Crisco) for frying

Rinse the chicken and pat dry.
For the seasoned flour, combine the flour, garlic salt, pepper, paprika, and poultry seasoning in a small bowl. Set the mixture aside.
For the crispy batter, combine the four, salt, pepper, egg yolk, and water in a medium bowl.
Fill a skillet about halfway up with shortening and heat over medium-high heat to 365-degrees. Dip the chicken in the seasoned flour, then into the crispy batter, and again into the seasoned flour. Fry the chicken in the shortening for 15 to 18 minutes or until crisp and well browned. Drain on paper towels.

Stick that in your skillet and fry it! :)
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Baggie Wisdom

Sunday, July 16, 2006

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My mom has these generic plastic bags that say (on EACH bag):

WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep away from babies and children. Do not use plastic bags in cribs, beds, carriages, or playpens.

um? Maybe they should add a few more. Here are my suggestions:

WARNING: To avoid possible highway blow-outs, do not inflate and use as a spare tire.

WARNING: To avoid dehydration, do not wear as a wig on a Texas summer day.

WARNING: To avoid malnourishment, do not use as a substitute for noodles in your favorite lo mein recipe.

WARNING: To avoid being splattered, do not fill with water and use as a baseball substitute.

WARNING: To avoid pet trauma, do not use as a makeshift hamster wheel.

WARNING: To avoid possible death by drowning, do not attempt to use baggie as a flotation device.


hymns. sandals. Sunday.
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Lessons at the SEAT of knowledge

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My favorite teacher in high school used to call his discipline preference (i.e. fanny swats or spankings) "Lessons at the SEAT of knowledge".

I am officially LD in relating with people. Sometimes I don't think about how the things I say SOUND. If someone fed me the same garbanzo that I serve others, I'd be thinking:

"Jump back! Hold the turnip truck...are you SERIOUS? Slow down, speedy."

(like that time in driver's ed when I tried to roll through a stop sign. Coach SLAMMED on his teacher-side brake and we all were very glad to be wearing seat belts!) Heh.

Angst! I have become one of THOSE girls. aaaaaaaaaaah!! Go, go Gadget REWIND.

So, steady on Saturday nights--with a little more consideration and a little less THINKING.

burning fanny.tennis serve.no-spot rinse.

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Little Miss Muffet is about to Hurl

Friday, July 14, 2006

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I was watering the plants this morning and this sweet little guy was right next to the faucet!!! We almost held arms! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I wish I had a better camera. You can't really see the 4 yellow eyes down his body. Yum. Yum.

buckets. hoses. hair salon.

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Pollyanna and the Heatwave--Throwdown!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

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Ok, it's 7:00 and I want to take the bike out, but it's still 98-degrees!! Here are some hot activity possibilities:

1. Have a sprinkler race! The first one to jog around the neighborhood and get sprinkled by every sprinkler in the subdivision WINS! hmmm... it'd be pretty easy to cheat on this one.

2. Melt ice-cubes on my head and then on my feet...or whatever. Which melts faster? How long does it take? (C'mon Bill Nye, eat your heart out!)

3. Go to the pool!! (Why haven't I thought of this before now??)

4. Make a mammoth jug of lemonade and take Dixie cups to all the road/construction workers busting their butts out here. Hydration, people!

5. Practice my watermelon seed spitting skills.

6. Go to a random little league game and bring a cooler of sodas!

Ok, people. I'm pumped. I'm going biking anyway. I'm a heat dwellin mamma. :P

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Ode to BB and That Army Doc with Guns

I'm using initials just because I'm not sure she'd want her name plastered on my blog. Allison, if you're reading, I think you'll recognize this gal! :)

BB is a woman who MAINTAINS
Her yard is gorgeous! It's filled with trees and vegetable gardens.
She is gorgeous! She's got this white hair and she's completely fit. Approaching 60, she's a hottie!
She's gracious. I saw her maybe 3-times a year and she always greeted me by name.
She loves her family.
She follows college sports.

And more...I'm sure. She's all these things because she works at it. Thanks for the inspiration, Mrs. B!

I'm sure I've told this story a million times, so skip it if you've heard it before!

It was mid-service in Thailand. The only other Americans in town were two Mormon missionary guys (who rotated with other MM's about once a month). The other foreigners in town were a few old (OLD) German guys who were livin it up with Thai wives and concrete castles.

OK--THE POINT: I'm starved to see good, old-fashioned American MAN. I'm cruising around town on my bike and stop in one of the local restaurants with AC. It was like a mirage when I opened the door. Looking like giants sitting around two tiny tables were about 12 American guys. I must have stared. I KNOW I stared! Soooooooooo... I went to use the restroom and one of the guys was washing his hands at the sink (it was a M/F restroom with doored stalls). We got to talking a little bit and he said they were Army here to do a few projects in the villages (PR for the States?). He invited me to come along and help with translation. (umm...let me think about it...YES!) heh.

SO--I go. I ended up working with this Army doc who was probably 40-ish. He was awesome. Awesome. He had a family and was focused on it--looking for a good place to by souveniers for his sons. He was getting ready to start his doctorate in Forensic Medicine (I think...whatever it's called when you trace the root of a disease back to its start). He was quirky. HERE'S HOW THIS RELATES TO MY WHOLE POINT----oy------ This guy ran three miles a day (Oh, how I want to run three miles a day!), He had arms like tree limbs, and was generally energetic.

THE BOTTOM LINE-- To be 60 and strong enough to snorkel on the spur of the moment; To be 40 and running marathons...To be trained up for LIFE. It's a beautiful thing.

So, I'll end another NOVEL. Cheers to my maintenance role models! And they didn't even know it. ;)
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Personal CREED and Thank You, Shawley!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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In my explorings of Dad's album library and my daily I-am-jobless-so-why-not-dance dancings around the living room... I've made a discovery! C R E E D. How can music so MALE, so hard and raspy rough, be so PRETTY?? Gorgeous. Really. Listen to One Last Breath on their Weathered album and tell me that's not music as music should be. Ugh! goodness. good goodness.

So, what's so personal about Creed? Fasten your safety belts, GP and Mom, here's a flashy Aubrey exposure.

SCENE ONE: SBU campus. 1999. Outdoor chapel. Wednesday night worship. Early evening. Early fall. Zach Atchley leading worship on acoustic guitar. I'm standing with new friends in the wooden stands, singing "I will sing of your love forever"---Zach changes the words to: "I will SPEAK of your love forever"-- and I know (with that pulse racing knowing)... that is the purpose of my life.

SCENE TWO: Daily Grind. 2006. Bolivar coffee shop hangout. Tuesday night. Chatting with Shawley (one great barista!) at the bar. Drinking tea. I'm a little confused and cynical about missions having returned from Thailand... If I couldn't communicate the simplest things to Thai people without cultural confusion, how could I, a foreigner, share Christ better than a local?? I can't remember exactly how the conversation went, but Shawley said something about how Christians get so caught up in projects, and he wants to love people. PERIOD. That's it! Real missions isn't about blazing lights and photos on the fridge (please hear me, I'm not trying to knock those photos, it's just not for me), it's about loving PEOPLE in real ways--right where you are. That's the good stuff. Thanks, Shawley.

SCENE THREE: Living room outside Fort Worth, TX. Summer 2006 (ok-today!). Jam time. Mid-morning. Track 11. Lullaby.

Hush my love now don't you cry
Everything will be all right
Close your eyes and drift in dream
Rest in peaceful sleep

If there's one thing I hope I showed you
Hope I showed you

Just give love to all ..... (there's more)

Ok. I'm ending the NOVEL. I'll probably erase this post later, but it's just good to have clarity again. I don't know what my life will look like, but it won't necessarily involve serving the Lord in blazing lights like I used to think. I think maybe it'll be more of a service of quiet love. Sweet!

The End.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

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For your reading pleasure: some of my favorite phrases....

1. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.

(OWNER: This cool classmate after a final in college)

2. Damn skippy!

(OWNER: My legally insane co-worker (and casual friend) at the Hut. I loved hearing a hairy,scruffy, generally gruff guy say "skippy" heh.)

3. I don't know you from Adam's house cat.

(OWNER: A recent friend one of the first times we spoke. I think this one is
really fun because you can change it up RE: "I don't know you from Adam's
llama.") :o)

4. How do you eat an ELEPHANT?! One bite at a time!

(OWNER: This awesome Sunday School teacher last week. She said it like a general leading troops to victory. I never knew elephant talk could be soinspiring.) :)

I know I'm forgetting so many good ones!!


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SAM looking for LTLALT

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Ok, I couldn't figure out if he's married or not-- but imagine if Kim Jong Il put a personal ad in the New York Times. Heh.

Card Carrying member of the Axis of Evil seeks short-term, loving relationship with a good-looking woman. My hobbies are writing operas, missile launching, and designing buildings. I THRIVE on provoking global crisis. I'm looking for someone who loves Daffy Duck, can cook spicy food, and knows how to appreciate a Korean man's fro. Box 675849

To get my model for this, I checked out the New York Times personal ads. People, they're hilarious! Here are a few just because.

...I forget all time, all seasons." There is no joy in life as when two intimate hearts impart together yearnings to each other. I lost my darling wife. Now I seek the elegance, the store of grace and poetry, the rich, allusive conversation I knew and loved. I am an observant Jew 65+, classically educated, handsome, retired in ease and gifted with compassionate heart and understanding. East Side (prefer a woman 60 to 68). BOX 19053

looking for a poetry exchange?

Teacher of autistic children, seeks independent woman for mutual joy and respite. Box 18752

Is that what they call it these days?

A very intelligent man wants to meet a girl who is imaginative, intelligent, determined, brave, very talented, truly ambitious-I am all of these. I'm searching for a girl who is truly my equal; who thinks great thoughts & dreams great dreams, who has real greatness within her soul. If you're the girl I'm looking for, respond with your phone number or e-mail address and I will contact you. BOX 19114

wow. maybe he should look for a matching personals ad?? heh.I think Joan of Arc could probably use a Saturday night out.

Ok, ok. I admit! I'm a punk. Mine would be just as bad!
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A Closer Look

Monday, July 10, 2006

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What is it about faith and hope?
What makes us see what we see?
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My Favorite Shoe

Sunday, July 9, 2006

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I love these shoes. Brown slingbacks with texture and a hint of toe cleavage. Mmmmmmm. If only they would never wear out! Thank you Sam & Libby!

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Imported Peaches

Saturday, July 8, 2006


It seems the peach festival must go on...though the crops this year are disappointing. SO! Here's a taste of the fun.
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Duster Buster

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There's something strange about dusting with worn out men's underwear (NOTE: They're clean, don't be gross). I'm just saying.

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Blog slacker= Blascker?

Friday, July 7, 2006

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Hello, my blog. I've been completely out of blog mode for a few months... SO I'll warm up with an ode.


I'm ever aware of my oil sticker
That reminds me when lubey time nears.
There's nothing that quite blows up my knickers
Like the ultra-smooth shifting of gears.

Joplin, oh Joplin, strange little town
I had no idea where to go
Joplin, oh Joplin, valvoline starved
I HAD to get back on the road!

I took a swift left and then a hard right
and Barney's appeared like a Sign
It lit up the morning with a dull neon light
and I knew fresh oil would be mine!

Barney's, oh Barney's, grease monkey's shed
I stopped on my way down the road
Barney's, oh Barney's, Penzoil prevails
and they speak in mechanical code.

Friday, oh Friday, oil change in Joplin
I stopped on my long way home
Friday, oh Friday, flashback in Joplin
Oh, what a long way home!!
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