Blog slacker= Blascker?

Friday, July 7, 2006

Hello, my blog. I've been completely out of blog mode for a few months... SO I'll warm up with an ode.


I'm ever aware of my oil sticker
That reminds me when lubey time nears.
There's nothing that quite blows up my knickers
Like the ultra-smooth shifting of gears.

Joplin, oh Joplin, strange little town
I had no idea where to go
Joplin, oh Joplin, valvoline starved
I HAD to get back on the road!

I took a swift left and then a hard right
and Barney's appeared like a Sign
It lit up the morning with a dull neon light
and I knew fresh oil would be mine!

Barney's, oh Barney's, grease monkey's shed
I stopped on my way down the road
Barney's, oh Barney's, Penzoil prevails
and they speak in mechanical code.

Friday, oh Friday, oil change in Joplin
I stopped on my long way home
Friday, oh Friday, flashback in Joplin
Oh, what a long way home!!

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