Lessons at the SEAT of knowledge

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My favorite teacher in high school used to call his discipline preference (i.e. fanny swats or spankings) "Lessons at the SEAT of knowledge".

I am officially LD in relating with people. Sometimes I don't think about how the things I say SOUND. If someone fed me the same garbanzo that I serve others, I'd be thinking:

"Jump back! Hold the turnip truck...are you SERIOUS? Slow down, speedy."

(like that time in driver's ed when I tried to roll through a stop sign. Coach SLAMMED on his teacher-side brake and we all were very glad to be wearing seat belts!) Heh.

Angst! I have become one of THOSE girls. aaaaaaaaaaah!! Go, go Gadget REWIND.

So, steady on Saturday nights--with a little more consideration and a little less THINKING.

burning fanny.tennis serve.no-spot rinse.



  1. What's wrong with your fanny?

  2. Heh. :) Yeah, this one probably didn't make a lot of sense. I've been realizing my bum-ness and feeling it smarting in my bum-ness (my hypothetical bohonkus, that is). Basically, I've been a spazz and learned a lesson!!

  3. Ah. That makes more sense. I was thinking that maybe you were sunburned or did too many tae-bo kicks!


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