Ode to BB and That Army Doc with Guns

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm using initials just because I'm not sure she'd want her name plastered on my blog. Allison, if you're reading, I think you'll recognize this gal! :)

BB is a woman who MAINTAINS
Her yard is gorgeous! It's filled with trees and vegetable gardens.
She is gorgeous! She's got this white hair and she's completely fit. Approaching 60, she's a hottie!
She's gracious. I saw her maybe 3-times a year and she always greeted me by name.
She loves her family.
She follows college sports.

And more...I'm sure. She's all these things because she works at it. Thanks for the inspiration, Mrs. B!

I'm sure I've told this story a million times, so skip it if you've heard it before!

It was mid-service in Thailand. The only other Americans in town were two Mormon missionary guys (who rotated with other MM's about once a month). The other foreigners in town were a few old (OLD) German guys who were livin it up with Thai wives and concrete castles.

OK--THE POINT: I'm starved to see good, old-fashioned American MAN. I'm cruising around town on my bike and stop in one of the local restaurants with AC. It was like a mirage when I opened the door. Looking like giants sitting around two tiny tables were about 12 American guys. I must have stared. I KNOW I stared! Soooooooooo... I went to use the restroom and one of the guys was washing his hands at the sink (it was a M/F restroom with doored stalls). We got to talking a little bit and he said they were Army here to do a few projects in the villages (PR for the States?). He invited me to come along and help with translation. (umm...let me think about it...YES!) heh.

SO--I go. I ended up working with this Army doc who was probably 40-ish. He was awesome. Awesome. He had a family and was focused on it--looking for a good place to by souveniers for his sons. He was getting ready to start his doctorate in Forensic Medicine (I think...whatever it's called when you trace the root of a disease back to its start). He was quirky. HERE'S HOW THIS RELATES TO MY WHOLE POINT----oy------ This guy ran three miles a day (Oh, how I want to run three miles a day!), He had arms like tree limbs, and was generally energetic.

THE BOTTOM LINE-- To be 60 and strong enough to snorkel on the spur of the moment; To be 40 and running marathons...To be trained up for LIFE. It's a beautiful thing.

So, I'll end another NOVEL. Cheers to my maintenance role models! And they didn't even know it. ;)


  1. BB IS gorgeous! So, that makes HB a lucky SOB! Ha!

  2. Uh...you might not want to tell him I called him an SOB.

  3. Oh, yes I recognize BB! I pray that her genes are firmly rooted in me so that I am half as beautiful at 60!


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