Pollyanna and the Heatwave--Throwdown!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ok, it's 7:00 and I want to take the bike out, but it's still 98-degrees!! Here are some hot activity possibilities:

1. Have a sprinkler race! The first one to jog around the neighborhood and get sprinkled by every sprinkler in the subdivision WINS! hmmm... it'd be pretty easy to cheat on this one.

2. Melt ice-cubes on my head and then on my feet...or whatever. Which melts faster? How long does it take? (C'mon Bill Nye, eat your heart out!)

3. Go to the pool!! (Why haven't I thought of this before now??)

4. Make a mammoth jug of lemonade and take Dixie cups to all the road/construction workers busting their butts out here. Hydration, people!

5. Practice my watermelon seed spitting skills.

6. Go to a random little league game and bring a cooler of sodas!

Ok, people. I'm pumped. I'm going biking anyway. I'm a heat dwellin mamma. :P


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