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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ok, I couldn't figure out if he's married or not-- but imagine if Kim Jong Il put a personal ad in the New York Times. Heh.

Card Carrying member of the Axis of Evil seeks short-term, loving relationship with a good-looking woman. My hobbies are writing operas, missile launching, and designing buildings. I THRIVE on provoking global crisis. I'm looking for someone who loves Daffy Duck, can cook spicy food, and knows how to appreciate a Korean man's fro. Box 675849

To get my model for this, I checked out the New York Times personal ads. People, they're hilarious! Here are a few just because.

...I forget all time, all seasons." There is no joy in life as when two intimate hearts impart together yearnings to each other. I lost my darling wife. Now I seek the elegance, the store of grace and poetry, the rich, allusive conversation I knew and loved. I am an observant Jew 65+, classically educated, handsome, retired in ease and gifted with compassionate heart and understanding. East Side (prefer a woman 60 to 68). BOX 19053

looking for a poetry exchange?

Teacher of autistic children, seeks independent woman for mutual joy and respite. Box 18752

Is that what they call it these days?

A very intelligent man wants to meet a girl who is imaginative, intelligent, determined, brave, very talented, truly ambitious-I am all of these. I'm searching for a girl who is truly my equal; who thinks great thoughts & dreams great dreams, who has real greatness within her soul. If you're the girl I'm looking for, respond with your phone number or e-mail address and I will contact you. BOX 19114

wow. maybe he should look for a matching personals ad?? heh.I think Joan of Arc could probably use a Saturday night out.

Ok, ok. I admit! I'm a punk. Mine would be just as bad!

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