The Countdown

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sometimes, I think we (ok, *I*) be-labor decisions to death. What I want:
1. To be a part of a church body again 2. To pursue grad school 3. To feel like I'm doing something that MEANS something 4. To live in a place I like! 5. To remain a part of the lives of my lovelies (That sounds scary, like Lord of the Rings skeezy man or something...but I really mean...all the people I enjoy!) heh.

SO, I'm jumping. T-minus 10-days (ish) in Texas! In honor of these final Texas days...a list of some of the things I've found to like about this Lonestar Land:

1. I love that peaches and pecans grow in one place!
2. I love that it's sunny every day! (NOTE: I wrote this before I experienced 105.7-degrees in the SHADE yesterday!)
3. I love spending time with my folks.
4. I love how well the interstate works in cities. It's smartly designed.
5. I love the diversity.
6. I love the good Mexican food.
7. In spite of myself, I like guys with a bit of "swagger"
8. Line dancing could be a good time.
9. It's really nice that the local folk feel some pride for their stomping grounds.
10. I saw the most amazing fireworks on July 7th (ish?)--it was about midnight. I was driving around and saw them flashing in the sky. I followed them until I found the source and laid on the hood of my car. That will always be a Texas moment. :)

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