Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Traffic Report and bits

How the traffic report started out poetic and then fizzled. :o)

... We have a northwest arc of slow stuff.

How a very polite 3-year old describes broccoli.

... dinosaur trees please.

What I love about the end of summer.

... the sound of crashing helmets and those first cool fall winds. mmmmm....

Monday, August 28, 2006

Mas y Menos

The Mas

The other day, a man told me I had a nice smile. He shook my hand and put some paper in my hand (on-the-sly-style). I was thinking: number? dollar? When I looked, it was a TWENTY! This man slipped me twenty dollars because he liked my smile!! Does that make me a smile hooker? I think it just makes him a nice guy.

The Menos

The other day, I was driving in the right lane. A lady with an icthus (sp?) was driving in the far left lane. We both tried to move to the center lane at the same time. We didn't crash. She blared her horn. She flipped me off. She gestured like an Italian on speed. I could practically see the angry slant of her eyebrows through her tinted glass. I wanted to knock her block off. Not really because she was acting hoochish. Mainly because she did a real *nice* job representing Christ. What does it really MEAN to take the Lord's name in vain? Maybe to take (i.e. to wear, to clothe yourself, to immerse yourself in) the Lord's Name in vain (for no reason, with no intentions to follow through). hmmmm... Why does that stuff make me so angry?

Dad, listen to those dolphins. They know what's coming. ;) Come see me if you need to take shelter!

small group. new friends. monsoon.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Waffle House Wonders

Ok, so it's late when I get off work. OK, so I was starving the other night. ALRIGHT, so I was hungry enough to dine with the drunkies at a waffle house on the highway. Good times. I should've brought a deck of cards and a roll of quarters. ;)

NOTE: This is my SECOND time in a waffle house.

I order a fiesta omelet.
I expect an egg omelet with maybe some salsa and cheese.
I get a bright yellow roll with melted "american cheese" and jalapenos with a side of white toast and grits.

I asked the waitress if the white grainy buttery mound was grits (Missouri IS a border state, but I guess I lived in the northerner part) and she said, "Honey, where are you FROM?" Heh. She recommended I mix a little grape jelly in with my grits. ADVENTURES in Sunday southern midnight snacks.

So, for a gritty good time, try a honky-tonk parfait.

1-cup grits
2-tablespoons grape jelly
a dash of sugar and salt

Mix. Serve in a glass dish and garnish with love. woooooooooooooohey. Reason number 37 to keep a box of cereal in your trunk. :o)

lace. grapes. driving.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Driving School

I think each state should have a book of driving tips. So far, I think Georgia should offer these:

1. Don't memorize partial names of streets and think you're doing well. RE: Peachtree Road, Peachtree Industrial, Peachtree-Dunwoody, Peachtree Fraggle, Peachtree Porchswing, Peachtree Oakwood, Peachtree-Snodgrass :) It's a fantastic way to get L O S T. And just because it's CALLED "Peachtree", doesn't mean there are peaches around. Don't be fooled. BYOP.

2. Practice executing CHIPS-worthy Uies. U-turns are to GA what access roads are to TX. Like 'em. Love 'em. Cuz you're going to do a lot of 'em.

3. Drive faster. Even the grannies have rockets in their engines here. I have yet to learn what the "your speed is being monitored electronically" signs (or whatever they say) MEAN... except "drive faster, please, and have no fear"...eeerr...I guess my ticket is in the mail. ;)

Driving fast, peachy, and in U's.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cell Booths Rant

What is UP with women who go out with their families for lunch and stay on their cell phones (honey, it's my new Razer/sp?) the WHOLE time? I think there should be phone booths for cells.

I don't want to hear how well Johnny kisses while I'm walking through the cereal aisle at Walmart.

I don't want to think someone with a hidden earpiece is talking to me (uuh..Do I KNOW you? I don't know who let your cows out! eeer....oops) heh. :)

I don't like to see people missing the moment because they're actually somewhere else.

It's a CRYING shame-- lowdown, dirty, crying shame. Up with the booths!

day off. hemmed pants.lasagna.


Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I'll Fly Away....oh glory. ;)

I'll fly the *mutter*sneeze*4-frackalackin*a.m!!*mutter* morning!

I'm packing tonight! Cheers to the nonsense of flightplans. I fly Atlanta to CHICAGO. CHICAGO to DALLAS. Where's the sense in that?? Mom graduates Friday!! Then, she's officially a LVN! Next step: brain surgeon. ;p Watch out world!

Big question: How will I manage to get all my 500 white plastic hangers on the return flight with me so I can hang up the clothes that are now toradoing my room??

1. Wear the hangers. I could pull off artistic fashion with the right shoes and a little styling putty. heh.
2. Build a piece of luggage with the hangers and check it. Duct tape can work wonders for impromptu building projects. ALWAYS travel with it!
3. Sell the hangers on ebay and buy new ones upon my return.
4. eeerrrr.... I'm out of ideas.

I'm off to mess with a little Texas. pics to come.

wings.tape.rushing people.


Sunday, August 6, 2006

who knew??!?

Ok, the Allman Bros. AND (AND!!) Otis Redding are from Georgia. I'm just saying. :o)

Church was awesome today. Why is it sometimes you hit brick walls in all directions and sometimes, things just fall into place? Smooth action.

good music.good fellowship.good Sunday.


Saturday, August 5, 2006

Truffle me this

I've FINALLY decided on my favorite dessert and I recommend it to everyone who happens to read this.

See's Candy chocolate raspberry truffles.

In my mall rat phase, I would chill out at the mall for hours looking around, trying stuff on, and buying nothing. Then, right before catching the bus or finding my ride, I would stop in the See's Candy shop and buy one chocolate raspberry truffle.

It was dark and smooth with white-chocolate stripes drizzled across the top. I would find a bench and eat it slowly. The chocolate overpowered the raspberry, but there was just enough raspberry to make one think, "hmmm....what is that nice hint of something?" What is it about the way that chocolate melts that is so perfect? Ok, I know about the body temperature equality, but's magic. Magic.

Who knew See's candy was a west coast operation?? Sniff. ;)