Driving School

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I think each state should have a book of driving tips. So far, I think Georgia should offer these:

1. Don't memorize partial names of streets and think you're doing well. RE: Peachtree Road, Peachtree Industrial, Peachtree-Dunwoody, Peachtree Fraggle, Peachtree Porchswing, Peachtree Oakwood, Peachtree-Snodgrass :) It's a fantastic way to get L O S T. And just because it's CALLED "Peachtree", doesn't mean there are peaches around. Don't be fooled. BYOP.

2. Practice executing CHIPS-worthy Uies. U-turns are to GA what access roads are to TX. Like 'em. Love 'em. Cuz you're going to do a lot of 'em.

3. Drive faster. Even the grannies have rockets in their engines here. I have yet to learn what the "your speed is being monitored electronically" signs (or whatever they say) MEAN... except "drive faster, please, and have no fear"...eeerr...I guess my ticket is in the mail. ;)

Driving fast, peachy, and in U's.


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