I'll Fly Away....oh glory. ;)

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I'll fly the *mutter*sneeze*4-frackalackin*a.m!!*mutter* morning!

I'm packing tonight! Cheers to the nonsense of flightplans. I fly Atlanta to CHICAGO. CHICAGO to DALLAS. Where's the sense in that?? Mom graduates Friday!! Then, she's officially a LVN! Next step: brain surgeon. ;p Watch out world!

Big question: How will I manage to get all my 500 white plastic hangers on the return flight with me so I can hang up the clothes that are now toradoing my room??

1. Wear the hangers. I could pull off artistic fashion with the right shoes and a little styling putty. heh.
2. Build a piece of luggage with the hangers and check it. Duct tape can work wonders for impromptu building projects. ALWAYS travel with it!
3. Sell the hangers on ebay and buy new ones upon my return.
4. eeerrrr.... I'm out of ideas.

I'm off to mess with a little Texas. pics to come.

wings.tape.rushing people.


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