Mas y Menos

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Mas

The other day, a man told me I had a nice smile. He shook my hand and put some paper in my hand (on-the-sly-style). I was thinking: number? dollar? When I looked, it was a TWENTY! This man slipped me twenty dollars because he liked my smile!! Does that make me a smile hooker? I think it just makes him a nice guy.

The Menos

The other day, I was driving in the right lane. A lady with an icthus (sp?) was driving in the far left lane. We both tried to move to the center lane at the same time. We didn't crash. She blared her horn. She flipped me off. She gestured like an Italian on speed. I could practically see the angry slant of her eyebrows through her tinted glass. I wanted to knock her block off. Not really because she was acting hoochish. Mainly because she did a real *nice* job representing Christ. What does it really MEAN to take the Lord's name in vain? Maybe to take (i.e. to wear, to clothe yourself, to immerse yourself in) the Lord's Name in vain (for no reason, with no intentions to follow through). hmmmm... Why does that stuff make me so angry?

Dad, listen to those dolphins. They know what's coming. ;) Come see me if you need to take shelter!

small group. new friends. monsoon.


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