Waffle House Wonders

Monday, August 21, 2006

Ok, so it's late when I get off work. OK, so I was starving the other night. ALRIGHT, so I was hungry enough to dine with the drunkies at a waffle house on the highway. Good times. I should've brought a deck of cards and a roll of quarters. ;)

NOTE: This is my SECOND time in a waffle house.

I order a fiesta omelet.
I expect an egg omelet with maybe some salsa and cheese.
I get a bright yellow roll with melted "american cheese" and jalapenos with a side of white toast and grits.

I asked the waitress if the white grainy buttery mound was grits (Missouri IS a border state, but I guess I lived in the northerner part) and she said, "Honey, where are you FROM?" Heh. She recommended I mix a little grape jelly in with my grits. ADVENTURES in Sunday southern midnight snacks.

So, for a gritty good time, try a honky-tonk parfait.

1-cup grits
2-tablespoons grape jelly
a dash of sugar and salt

Mix. Serve in a glass dish and garnish with love. woooooooooooooohey. Reason number 37 to keep a box of cereal in your trunk. :o)

lace. grapes. driving.


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  1. i frequent the waffle house with the drunkies as well. i've met several interesting folk who seem to be seeking anyone who will listen. crazies, drunks, lonely people...they're not too picky when it comes to who to talk to for a solid hour about nothing.

    Sometimes it's fun to try to be more like Jesus, eh?

    -- Cary


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