Breakin' the Law

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ok, I heard a story about a fast food worker who thought it was funny to throw pickle chips at the rear windshields of drive-thru cars as they drove away. heh. Apparently, that's a criminal action. Official charge? something about personal property assault. ???

The law is good. Sometimes, we get a little crazy with it, though. At the end of the day, all we're (me and my neighbors) trying to do is find a way to look at one another and be able to say, "We're here. We're safe. We don't have to sleep with a baseball bat under the pillow." Right??

So: Three cheers for the law. AND-- Three cheers for breaking the rules when they're not REALLY rules. RE: Who says no white after Labor Day? or the Girl can't be the first to call??? No coffee after 4 p.m.? No kissing on the first date? Face forward in the elevator? NO grabbing the last carrot on the veggie tray! The guy has to be older and taller? WHO says? Emily Post/Miss Manners isn't the final word. No matter how official they seem, dumb rules will always be dumb rules. Follow your heart, people. When it's all said and done, you'll be accountable for everything the Holy Spirit put there and how you responded. HE is the final word. That's what I think.

Clouds. love. Gorgeous. kites.


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  1. Well Miss Aubrey,

    I'm glad to see you've kept up with some of my posts. I'm gonna try and do the same for you lady. I agree about the law as well. It's for safety, but sometimes it IS ridiculous. I hope that this finds you well.


    PS: Is it just me, or is that a picture of your grandma that I see on your page? ;)

    PSS: I have another xanga at
    love ya


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