Leave the gun; take the cannoli ;o)

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Here's the story. The other day, I was working a "double" so I had a random hour-and-a-half to waste. I was hungry. I drove around for a while and saw "DELI" painted in red on the side of a building. Always a sucker for a good sandwich, I parked. What I found was a traditional Italian deli owned and operated by a couple of transplanted New Yorkers. While I was chilling out, munching my chicken salad, a customer came in so excited he was practically jumping up and down. Apparently, in this land of gym chains and waffle houses, authentic Italian delis are really rare.

Question: What IS IT about running into someone from the "homeland"? I find myself waving frantically at passing cars with MO plates. ;)

What IS IT about New York and Texas that inspire such devotion. I've never heard of an Iowa expat getting sappy about Iowa.

What IS a stinkin' cannoli?!? These New Yorkers talked like they could be New York's state bird!! :)

What IS IT that is so GOOD about new friends when you're flying solo in a new place?

24 years. transcripts. 24 hours.


[kan-OH-lee] An Italian dessert consisting of tubular or horn-shaped pastry shells that have been deep-fried, then filled with a sweetened filling of whipped ricotta (and often whipped cream) mixed with bits of chocolate, candied citron and sometimes nuts.

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