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Monday, October 30, 2006

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The Cardinals won the series. I'd send Eckstein cookies if our oven worked.

It's Fall and it's GORGEOUS! the colors, the smells, the breezes, oh my! heh.

I found a new park in town and it's H U G E! (and there are swings)

I'm completely happy single (Divorce *blows chunks across the nation* and I won't take part in chunk blowage). WARNING: Having lunch with a group of recent divorcees may be harmful to one's health.

I had grits (cooked schwanky style) the other day and I'm halfway in love.

My birthday is in less than a week and 25 is PRIMETIME, baby! :)

Mom sent me cozy blankets so the nights are toasty.

I'm about to have the chance to do a job I love!

I'm going to have a good sandwich for lunch.

I'm really diggin Justin Timberlake's new cd.

aaaaaaaand....... Praise God that He's in charge of the Big Picture, and the "little dots" I try to connect in my life are still under the juristiction of the Big Picture. (SEE: Andy Stanley--Facing Forward Sermon that put some events of the last year in perspective)

leaves. true colors. hats.

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Vivica Halloween Bunny

Friday, October 27, 2006

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First let me say: Go Cards! Kiss Eckstein and call me happy :) There's so much more strategy in baseball than I thought. I guess I haven't been into it since I was a kid. Then, it was just: "Go out there, honey, hit the ball and run." But... there's more to it than that. wooh.


Do women really NEED an excuse to act the hooch? So, I'm needing a Halloween costume. So, I look at the store first for ideas.... errr?? I said "HALLOWEEN", not "HONEYMOON"!!! My choices included but were not limited to:

1. Suzie Schoolgirl (since when do they let you wear skirts that short at school?)
2. Naughty Nurse (um...try seafoam scrubs, sister...if you like skin, buttflap capes are available)
3. Heidi Ho Swedish Mountain Gazele (doesn't it snow up there?)

ok, ok, ok. There is a time and a place for everything BUT should every Joe Schmoe on the streets of Atlanta see these women in their hoochie costumes??!? Is NOTHING SACRED?? (If society has thrown out the sacredness of the hoochie costume, what the HECK is next??) :)

Sooooooooooo.... I'm off to find a costume. I'll need luck to find one that covers my hiney AND everything else. Wooh!

Good tidings. Rain. Running the hold pattern.

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We want a Pitcher, not a Dirt Clod Gripper!

Monday, October 23, 2006

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Game Two
modeled after The Night Before Christmasby Clement Clark Moore

Twas game Two of the Series, when all through the stands
The fans did jumping jacks and warmed their chilled hands;
The players handled the ball with care,
Still shocked and amazed to even be there;

The Cards were sniffling and bummed with the mound,
As Weaver and Kinney passed Kleenex around;
And Rogers had resin, but nobody snitched,
The old guy could use a little help with his grip!
La Russa and Leyland joked with the umps
Then gave eachother a good slap on the rump.


Ok...I can't even FINISH! What's W R O N G with baseball!!?
one more verse..

And here in Atlanta, the homefolks drop buckets of tears;
the Braves haven't missed the playoffs in 15-years!


Go Cards!
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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eerrr... The first time I saw a kid with a Pujols shirt, I thought it was a joke. heh. ehem. I'm so uniformed about some of the best things. Goooooo Cards! :)

Love. Red. Love red.

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Commute Communion

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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According to the news, the average Atlantan commutes just over 30-minutes. That doesn't seem bad to me. In the D.C. area, the average in 60-minutes and in Baltimore, it's about that, too. So, what do people DO during all that lag time besides stare out the front windshield?? I once worked with a guy who told me he (in Miami traffic) would get out of the car and go have a cigarette with the car behind him and chill out. Insane? :)

Soooo... I got some Louie Giglio cd's and they've been amazing. You can listen to some of his messages online at:

An Interview with Louie


It's all so TRUE. I listened to one cd about prayer and how, almost automatically, we pray for God to "Bless this time" or "Bless this country" or "Bless this house"...bless, bless, bless. Well, we ARE blessed.

America is the richest country in the world. We're alive with inventions, advances, moving and shaking. Most people in this country wake up feeling safe and free. We are SO BLESSED. Shouldn't we be praying: God Bless Haiti. God Bless Zaire. ??
and then we pray: God bless this time. He HAS blessed it. He has given us the blood of his Son, the life of his Spirit...his heart...his voice...every spiritual gift. What MORE DO WE WANT?!

What would it be like in a human-human relationship if someone gave his heart and everything that was important--- set it out on a table before us-- and we said, "umm... could you bless me? I just need a little blessing." errrr?

SO-- What if we were a nation who looked at all the amazing resources we have (what a responsibility!) and fell down before God asking, "Lord, how can we bless you?" How can we impact the world with your love?

All that talk last election about "voting for change" Hogwash. Let's vote for THIS kind of change.

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The Yipster Princess "Precious" Dookie Dog

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

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What is it that is so endearing about brats? Why do I like brats?!

I live with a chihuahua. Housing myself with a dog I would classify as a "YIPSTER" was not something I ever thought I would do. She screams like a soprano in ultra-panic mode. She preens like a cat/bird hybrid. She crosses her paws like a princess. Her heartbeat seems drug induced and she's so tense, I'd almost pay her to see a doggie masseuse.

Her given name: "Precious"
Her given name (by me): "Dookie"

WHY? Let me just say it has *NOTHING* to do with her crapping in my room the ONE time I left the door ajar. I think she got the "NO DEPOSITS HERE" message when I got on my hands and knees and snarled for a while.

The Point: I doubt I'll ever choose a yipster roommate. BUT-- I'm starting to like this dog! Maybe it's the arranged marriage principle--live with someone long enough, and dang it!, I love them. It never fails.**

**I'm not a gung ho common-law-live-in-lover cheerleader nor do I think this principle applies to rodents, flies, or non-petlike animals.
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Kelly, my favorite

Thursday, October 5, 2006

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Kelly is not just one of my favorites.
She is T H E favorite.
No other "Kelly" will ever come close!

1. Her name actually means "warrior woman" and it fits her perfectly. She's a fighter! When we were kids (She was three and I was almost 5), she'd be the one telling me not to worry about those scary skeletons in my dreams. :)
2. She could cheer up a petrified tree. She has such a crazy way of making people feel good. Kel, that's a GIFT.
3. She works SO hard. Girl, you're 23! You've come so far and you'll go so far...but all of that is nothing compared with WHO YOU ARE!
4. For some reason, we speak the same language. ;)

There's so much more, but this is practically a public place...for the love of gelato! :)

Kelly, I will always be proud of you. I hope when we're old ladies, we can have tea in fancy cups and laugh about life in the crazy t w e n t i e s.

I love you more than cozy blankets and chocolate. and I like you, too.

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More than Meat and Potatoes: The FLAVOR Theory

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

I read something by C.S. Lewis once that really hit home. I can't remember exactly how it went...but here's what I took from it:

Imagine you're standing at the foot of a magnificent waterfall. You SEE the rush of foam, you FEEL the water hit you and the power of it falling, you SMELL the freshness, you TASTE the clean moisture, you HEAR the roar. But there's something else. Outside of all your senses, there's something else you experience.

I think Lewis was saying in Heaven, we'll have new bodies-- so we'll have new senses and experience things more completely. I'm not trying to get all scary/new agey here, but imagine there's a part of our bodies/spirits/hearts/minds (whatever?) that experiences life RIGHT NOW on a level that's deeper than the 5-senses (c'mon, of COURSE there is!).

Take Will and Bill, for example. Let's say they're identical twins raised in the same home. They like the same things. They scored the same on the Myers-Briggs personality survey. They have the same opinions about most important issues. They wear the same cologne and use the same soap. They're so much alike, even Momma can't tell them apart. Only, when you take away all the sensual feedback, they're different. What IS that? Why is it so easy to connect with Bill and have nothing to say to Will??? I don't know much about pheromones, but I do wonder if those kinds of connections are a spiritual thing. I wonder if sometimes... the eternal part of you recognizes something in the eternal part of me and we decide to take a closer look--instant friends. I like to call that flavor. :)

So, here I am-- just a girl looking for a little flavor. ;)
requesting raspberry and brocolli with cheese. heh.

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