Commute Communion

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

According to the news, the average Atlantan commutes just over 30-minutes. That doesn't seem bad to me. In the D.C. area, the average in 60-minutes and in Baltimore, it's about that, too. So, what do people DO during all that lag time besides stare out the front windshield?? I once worked with a guy who told me he (in Miami traffic) would get out of the car and go have a cigarette with the car behind him and chill out. Insane? :)

Soooo... I got some Louie Giglio cd's and they've been amazing. You can listen to some of his messages online at:

An Interview with Louie


It's all so TRUE. I listened to one cd about prayer and how, almost automatically, we pray for God to "Bless this time" or "Bless this country" or "Bless this house"...bless, bless, bless. Well, we ARE blessed.

America is the richest country in the world. We're alive with inventions, advances, moving and shaking. Most people in this country wake up feeling safe and free. We are SO BLESSED. Shouldn't we be praying: God Bless Haiti. God Bless Zaire. ??
and then we pray: God bless this time. He HAS blessed it. He has given us the blood of his Son, the life of his Spirit...his heart...his voice...every spiritual gift. What MORE DO WE WANT?!

What would it be like in a human-human relationship if someone gave his heart and everything that was important--- set it out on a table before us-- and we said, "umm... could you bless me? I just need a little blessing." errrr?

SO-- What if we were a nation who looked at all the amazing resources we have (what a responsibility!) and fell down before God asking, "Lord, how can we bless you?" How can we impact the world with your love?

All that talk last election about "voting for change" Hogwash. Let's vote for THIS kind of change.


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