Kelly, my favorite

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Kelly is not just one of my favorites.
She is T H E favorite.
No other "Kelly" will ever come close!

1. Her name actually means "warrior woman" and it fits her perfectly. She's a fighter! When we were kids (She was three and I was almost 5), she'd be the one telling me not to worry about those scary skeletons in my dreams. :)
2. She could cheer up a petrified tree. She has such a crazy way of making people feel good. Kel, that's a GIFT.
3. She works SO hard. Girl, you're 23! You've come so far and you'll go so far...but all of that is nothing compared with WHO YOU ARE!
4. For some reason, we speak the same language. ;)

There's so much more, but this is practically a public place...for the love of gelato! :)

Kelly, I will always be proud of you. I hope when we're old ladies, we can have tea in fancy cups and laugh about life in the crazy t w e n t i e s.

I love you more than cozy blankets and chocolate. and I like you, too.


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