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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Cardinals won the series. I'd send Eckstein cookies if our oven worked.

It's Fall and it's GORGEOUS! the colors, the smells, the breezes, oh my! heh.

I found a new park in town and it's H U G E! (and there are swings)

I'm completely happy single (Divorce *blows chunks across the nation* and I won't take part in chunk blowage). WARNING: Having lunch with a group of recent divorcees may be harmful to one's health.

I had grits (cooked schwanky style) the other day and I'm halfway in love.

My birthday is in less than a week and 25 is PRIMETIME, baby! :)

Mom sent me cozy blankets so the nights are toasty.

I'm about to have the chance to do a job I love!

I'm going to have a good sandwich for lunch.

I'm really diggin Justin Timberlake's new cd.

aaaaaaaand....... Praise God that He's in charge of the Big Picture, and the "little dots" I try to connect in my life are still under the juristiction of the Big Picture. (SEE: Andy Stanley--Facing Forward Sermon that put some events of the last year in perspective)

leaves. true colors. hats.


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