More than Meat and Potatoes: The FLAVOR Theory

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

I read something by C.S. Lewis once that really hit home. I can't remember exactly how it went...but here's what I took from it:

Imagine you're standing at the foot of a magnificent waterfall. You SEE the rush of foam, you FEEL the water hit you and the power of it falling, you SMELL the freshness, you TASTE the clean moisture, you HEAR the roar. But there's something else. Outside of all your senses, there's something else you experience.

I think Lewis was saying in Heaven, we'll have new bodies-- so we'll have new senses and experience things more completely. I'm not trying to get all scary/new agey here, but imagine there's a part of our bodies/spirits/hearts/minds (whatever?) that experiences life RIGHT NOW on a level that's deeper than the 5-senses (c'mon, of COURSE there is!).

Take Will and Bill, for example. Let's say they're identical twins raised in the same home. They like the same things. They scored the same on the Myers-Briggs personality survey. They have the same opinions about most important issues. They wear the same cologne and use the same soap. They're so much alike, even Momma can't tell them apart. Only, when you take away all the sensual feedback, they're different. What IS that? Why is it so easy to connect with Bill and have nothing to say to Will??? I don't know much about pheromones, but I do wonder if those kinds of connections are a spiritual thing. I wonder if sometimes... the eternal part of you recognizes something in the eternal part of me and we decide to take a closer look--instant friends. I like to call that flavor. :)

So, here I am-- just a girl looking for a little flavor. ;)
requesting raspberry and brocolli with cheese. heh.



  1. Mmmmmmm... Raspberry with pickles and mayo... now that's flavor!

    Cheers to theories... forehead and all... :)

  2. You're cuhRAZY! (you forgot the mustard) :)


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