We want a Pitcher, not a Dirt Clod Gripper!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Game Two
modeled after The Night Before Christmasby Clement Clark Moore

Twas game Two of the Series, when all through the stands
The fans did jumping jacks and warmed their chilled hands;
The players handled the ball with care,
Still shocked and amazed to even be there;

The Cards were sniffling and bummed with the mound,
As Weaver and Kinney passed Kleenex around;
And Rogers had resin, but nobody snitched,
The old guy could use a little help with his grip!
La Russa and Leyland joked with the umps
Then gave eachother a good slap on the rump.


Ok...I can't even FINISH! What's W R O N G with baseball!!?
one more verse..

And here in Atlanta, the homefolks drop buckets of tears;
the Braves haven't missed the playoffs in 15-years!


Go Cards!

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