Silly Story number 768

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

**NOTE** My room is currently a TORNADO. This is in no way autobiographical!! Just the stuff rolling around my brain. ;)


Goofy Gib Gobs
lived among slobs
at the end of Pineyfreeze Lane.

Goofy's red rug
got dust-free tugs
Twice a day and thrice Thursday.

Mr. Gobs' clothes?
he washed with a hose
For what machine could scrub better than he?

Goofy was cleanest on Pineyfreeze Lane.
But his heart was dirty when he'd complain:
Mertle left socks in the microwave!
Bob won't teach his bird to behave!
Lena wiped her runny nose on the window!
Snodgrass gave Tina an exploding hotdog show!

And then one steamy summer PM
Snodgrass shared his snacks again.
Juice frozen on a stick?!
Was this some sort of mean man's trick?
But Goofy decided to try it.

Grape came first and it slid down his chin.
Cherry was next and his sleeve dipped in.
Lemon landed on his dust-free rug.
and Strawberry drew in all the bugs.
Orange dripped onto his pants...
and watermelon fell into the tropical plants.

The house was a mess of rainbow stickiness!!
But Goofy didn't care so much about the mess.

Goofy Gib Gobs
was one of the slobs
who lived on Pineyfreeze Lane.

Goofy ate pops
and cleaned up the drops
Once a week and twice Tuesday.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... I didn't mean for this to turn into: "How a dude becomes dirty." Darn Popsicles. :) sooo... that's enough Goofy for one night. :)

Cheers. Salud. and all that jazz.


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