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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thanks, Shaunti. Really. Who knew?

I read her book and then asked all the guys at work today if it were true.
First, they resented being told how they think and feel by a woman (Aubrey, did a man or a woman write the book? MAN or woman?!) heh.
I can understand that. Then, they mostly confirmed what the book said.

1. For men, there's little difference between love and respect.

2. When a girl says something like, "Oooh Gordon, he's just not a handyman type" about her guy (especially in front of other guys), it's not a light, humorous observation--any more than it would be a joke if Gordan said, "Gail is working on those last 8-pounds that are riding right there on her fanny." Guys are always in competition mode.

3. Guys experience love through touch the way girls do through, they can't really feel affection without touch any more than women could feel affection in the absence of conversation.

4. Guys are built to respond to beautiful women. Expecting them not to look would be like expecting you to look at these letters without reading the words. Ridiculous. Just because they look, doesn't mean they want to own.

... and there's more, but you'll have to read the book.

Sooo... I guess I'm just amazed that relationships between men and women work. Sometimes, they even work dang well. Sometimes, the differences become the strenghts. It's amazing. It's really a miracle. :o)

As there's a kid making WHIPPING noises (obsessively) near my chair, it's time to go.

Peace out, yo.
Cheers to men and their mysteries (or lack of them?) :)
You go, dudes! You rock (ok, even this little punk with his whipping noises--what girl would ever think to do that??)!



  1. Heh, those are some nice observations. Except that point four is somewhat inaccurate:

    Jesus said that if a man looks at a woman to lust after her, he has already committed adultery in his heart with that woman. So, actually, he is looking to take. He may repent immediately afterwards, but he is still guilty.

    Don't believe me? Read Matthew 5:27-30 and see if it is true. Then take the Good Person Test and see how you will fare when you face God on Judgment Day.

  2. Hey Josh...So, every time a guy looks at a woman it's with lust? I'm just a girl trying to understand here...

    and woah on the Scripture Attack! On Judgement Day, I'll stand covered in the blood of Christ-- as I do today-- alive, justified, and saved by His grace. I'm NOT a good person. Sometimes, my thoughts are pretty sinful. I condemn myself with those every day (errr..minute). BUT, my hope isn't in my "good person-ness", it's in Christ. He says He has made me new, and I believe it.

  3. Hey Aubrey...I am reading the book right now, and I couldn't believe it when I saw that your most recent blog was about the content. It is totally intriguing, and it has caused me to repent for my ignorance. I'm also curious about the book that is for men about women...

  4. Allison! :) heh. Yeah, I read the one for guys about women, too. It made me feel: "Ooooh, I'm not a psycho, I'm a WOMAN!" :o) For some reason, I never really grasped that the things the book mentions were universal to women. It's worth the read... and even has a pull-out "cheat sheet" for guys. heh.


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