Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happiness Versus Joy, a Throwdown

Happiness is a gift (like a red convertible) with a big pink-and-yella-polky-dot bow.

Joy is giving your talents away.

Happiness is a half-melted truffle on your tongue.

Joy is knowing you are completely FREE in Christ.

Happiness is a cozy robe, a fireplace, and a good...long...snuggle.

Joy is knowing a love that spans eternity.

We are HEDONISTS...eeer... HAPPINESTS who worship our own comfort. In the end, happiness will burn. Real joy comes from discipline. Discipline comes from focusing on something bigger than oneself. Joy is why a woman being torn apart by lions in Ancient Rome could sing praises to God and mean it! The pursuit of Happiness is why children are fatherless, flavor du jour is the state of marriage, and American blood is marinating in vats of hydrogenated oils.

Pardon my rant. It's just such a little twist that makes such a huge difference. The pursuit of happiness leads to death. The pursuit of Christ leads to discipline and ultimate joy. It's the only way.

Love. Sunshine. Allergies.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oh, oh, oh, oh....stayin' alive

I haven't killed my fish yet! He looks pretty good, too. hmmm... we'll see. Apparently, betta fish can be found in Asian rice fields! Isn't it amazing that a fish with such colorful finnery survives (naturally) in mucky rice paddies?! God is hilarious. I love that. It's those little things... all those little things.

Somewhere in Southeast Asia-- "Oh, look Little Brother Lek, between the mud of your toes! It's a radiantly tropical piece of fish art!"

There are some dang nice people in the world. In the face of all the crazies, the cold weather, and the frowning folks running around, I'd just like to repeat: There are some DANG NICE people in the world. :)

Don't you love that?

waves. hugs. highway altercations.


Monday, January 22, 2007


Ok, I've done it. I have a fish. He's a beta with red finnery. He seems kind of cocky and a little showy, so I've named him Diddy. heh. The guy at the the steamy-windowed fish & fowl shop in Duluth told me they live a year or two. So-- I'm 25. I should be ready for this, right? heh. RIGHT? *nervous laughter* Time to study up on aquariums and fish paraphernalia. Apparently, my tank is too small. Argh. Say a prayer for Diddy.

I met an interesting Indian woman in the live fish section of the WM the other night who said spending 3-minutes (she was very specific about the amount of time) per day watching fish reduces blood pressure. hmmm... She also said she had a small, yipster-type dog. Don't the two counteract one another?

ATL Aquarium, here I come!

Love. dorsal. Freezing.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Who's ballin now?

The story according to REUTERS

Ok, imagine a surgeon had a night off and was enjoying *surf and turf* at the local shwanky spot. Imagine a man at the next table began choking violently on a bone from his cajun roasted guinea fowl and then passed out. Wouldn't any self-respecting surgeon investigate? Whether the surgeon was "on duty" or "off duty", he's still a surgeon.

The question: Does this idea apply to law enforcement?

Word on the streets is pretty negative against the local PD's. Most of the time I try to defend them (risking your life for low pay...everyone makes mistakes...) but c'mon... Let me recap the Reuters story:

A visiting British professor walked across a downtown street outside of a crosswalk zone. The man may or may not have been a snotty man with a bit of an attitude. An officer working a side job as security for a hotel (wearing his official police department bomber jacket) asked the professor to use the crosswalk. The professor asked to see a badge (in England, officers ride ponies and wear red feathered hats, don't they?) SOOO--- when the professor refused to comply, the officer attempted arrest and a struggle ensued. The Brit says he was violently assaulted. I've heard his glasses were broken in the scuffle.

My question: Does an off-duty officer have the moral "call"/authority to enforce proper street etiquette?

My question: Does a street walker's signs of disrespect warrant a butt kicking? Isn't dealing with disrespect according to "proper procedure" in the job description?

My question: Are metro area departments so desperate for forces that they lower standards and training just to "fill seats"?

I mean, without proper procedure, the folks who are supposed to be upholding laws and fighting for justice *play theme music now* (heh), become another gang, flashing blue and gold, looking for respect.

C'mon, make it a little easier for me to defend ya'll to people!


Update/FYI-- I understand fudging is an important part of most jobs and the spirit/intent of the law rules over the letter (unless you're a lawyer), BUT in this case--- the fudging is actually a mudslide.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Butter Cake and Butter Buns

hmmm... Paula Deen is quite a celebrity around here. I hear she has a restaurant in Savannah. I tried one of her recipes the other day, and though I am a charter member of the *REAL Butter or Dry Biscuits!!* Fan Club...

Her recipes could inspire the following:

"That'll clog the arteries and put fat on your thighs!"

In Honor of Ms. Deen, here are some dishes I think are Southern:

1. Crab Cakes
2. Grits
3. Macaroni and Cheese
4. Cornbread
5. Pickled Plums
6. Butter Beans
7. Hummingbird Cake
8. Brocolli/rice casserole

Gooood Stuff for special occasions! Thanks, Paula Deen.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fun at the movies...

A few weeks ago, I saw two movies:

The Pursuit of Happyness

Why do I love being in Atlanta? In my little Midwest Town, I would never have had such an interactive theatre experience. :) During the first movie, a little girl sat next to me (I think she was with her grandma). She introduced herself to me. Then, she talked TO the movie from beginning to end. "TELL him to go talk to that man." :) It was so funny!

During Dreamgirls, the theatre was packed out. Two girls were sitting down the row from us and one of them threw her arms around and stood up every time Beyonce sang. Her friend kept saying, "Girl, you're gonna have a heart attack!" It was like CHURCH! I mean... C H U R C H. :o)

Amazing. I love it.

I think Kenny and Luda should duet. C'mon, wouldn't a "Baby, you save me" remix be cool? :)

Happy 2007!
My resolution? to look outside myself and my piddly traumas and dedicate some time to service. 10-days gone already!

Love. the A. Times, they are a'flyin'.


Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Cutest Thing

The cutest thing in the world (I mean on every planet in the solar system INCLUDING Pluto-- the alleged "non-planet") is this:

When Skylar gets sleepy, she puts her thumb in her mouth, holds her raggedy doll... and sticks the doll's neck ribbon up her nose! :) If you look closely, you can see it in the bottom picture of my previous post. Does nostril fixation come before or after oral fixation? :)

I have the cutest neice in the world. It's official in at least 49 states AND Guam.

Happy 2007. Life is a bullet train, baby, and it stops for none.

Love. generous tippers. Love generous tippers.