Monday, January 22, 2007

Ok, I've done it. I have a fish. He's a beta with red finnery. He seems kind of cocky and a little showy, so I've named him Diddy. heh. The guy at the the steamy-windowed fish & fowl shop in Duluth told me they live a year or two. So-- I'm 25. I should be ready for this, right? heh. RIGHT? *nervous laughter* Time to study up on aquariums and fish paraphernalia. Apparently, my tank is too small. Argh. Say a prayer for Diddy.

I met an interesting Indian woman in the live fish section of the WM the other night who said spending 3-minutes (she was very specific about the amount of time) per day watching fish reduces blood pressure. hmmm... She also said she had a small, yipster-type dog. Don't the two counteract one another?

ATL Aquarium, here I come!

Love. dorsal. Freezing.


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