Happiness Versus Joy, a Throwdown

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happiness is a gift (like a red convertible) with a big pink-and-yella-polky-dot bow.

Joy is giving your talents away.

Happiness is a half-melted truffle on your tongue.

Joy is knowing you are completely FREE in Christ.

Happiness is a cozy robe, a fireplace, and a good...long...snuggle.

Joy is knowing a love that spans eternity.

We are HEDONISTS...eeer... HAPPINESTS who worship our own comfort. In the end, happiness will burn. Real joy comes from discipline. Discipline comes from focusing on something bigger than oneself. Joy is why a woman being torn apart by lions in Ancient Rome could sing praises to God and mean it! The pursuit of Happiness is why children are fatherless, flavor du jour is the state of marriage, and American blood is marinating in vats of hydrogenated oils.

Pardon my rant. It's just such a little twist that makes such a huge difference. The pursuit of happiness leads to death. The pursuit of Christ leads to discipline and ultimate joy. It's the only way.

Love. Sunshine. Allergies.


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