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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The story according to REUTERS

Ok, imagine a surgeon had a night off and was enjoying *surf and turf* at the local shwanky spot. Imagine a man at the next table began choking violently on a bone from his cajun roasted guinea fowl and then passed out. Wouldn't any self-respecting surgeon investigate? Whether the surgeon was "on duty" or "off duty", he's still a surgeon.

The question: Does this idea apply to law enforcement?

Word on the streets is pretty negative against the local PD's. Most of the time I try to defend them (risking your life for low pay...everyone makes mistakes...) but c'mon... Let me recap the Reuters story:

A visiting British professor walked across a downtown street outside of a crosswalk zone. The man may or may not have been a snotty man with a bit of an attitude. An officer working a side job as security for a hotel (wearing his official police department bomber jacket) asked the professor to use the crosswalk. The professor asked to see a badge (in England, officers ride ponies and wear red feathered hats, don't they?) SOOO--- when the professor refused to comply, the officer attempted arrest and a struggle ensued. The Brit says he was violently assaulted. I've heard his glasses were broken in the scuffle.

My question: Does an off-duty officer have the moral "call"/authority to enforce proper street etiquette?

My question: Does a street walker's signs of disrespect warrant a butt kicking? Isn't dealing with disrespect according to "proper procedure" in the job description?

My question: Are metro area departments so desperate for forces that they lower standards and training just to "fill seats"?

I mean, without proper procedure, the folks who are supposed to be upholding laws and fighting for justice *play theme music now* (heh), become another gang, flashing blue and gold, looking for respect.

C'mon, make it a little easier for me to defend ya'll to people!


Update/FYI-- I understand fudging is an important part of most jobs and the spirit/intent of the law rules over the letter (unless you're a lawyer), BUT in this case--- the fudging is actually a mudslide.

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