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Monday, February 12, 2007

I've discovered since coming to this Land o' the Braves, home of the gym chains... that a gym contract is practically eternally binding. SO-- for those times when an emergency requires you to "Hop off the bus, Gus"...

Ways to get out of your gym contract without spending a few nights in the slammer:** note: These are just ideas...None of these have been tested.

10. Date all the personal trainers ... at the same time.
9. Use the lat pulls machine like a ride at Six Flags. Yeeeha! :)
8. Decide February is official "No Showers" month.
7. Grunt loudly and vigourously every third rep.
6. Use your raquetball session to play a rousing game of Butt Ball.
5. Pledge your allegiance to Speedo by working out in one. ;)
4. Eat Cheetos. Leave Cheeto fuzz everywhere.
3. Give the hardest workers affectionate fanny smacks.
2. Put opera on your iPod. Sing passionately while spinning.
1. Wear a tutu.

1 comment:

  1. "Make a new plan, Stan...Drop off the key, Lee" I suddenly have the urge to break out some lawn mower/fishing dance moves in a bug out session... :)


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