Sunday, April 1, 2007

Atlanta is good.
I like it.
Public transportation isn't the best (Note: Beware of MARTA parking attendants).
Brake lights are generally out. (Note: Invest in "Budget Brake and Muffler" stock).
400 is absolutely BONKERS, mad spazzy. (Note: Don't try to drive like that in MO!).


1. Down the road a bit, the Adult Kickball Association is registering teams and individuals. That's going on TO-night! Someday, I'll have a regular work schedule! Kickball or BUST!

2. The ATL airport is a popular layover place. Friends, I would love to be your layover hostess! Let's have some hot beverages and shoot the breeze.

3. Georgia seems to have this Alabama sisterhood happening. You're going to "THE HAM", eh? The Ham in Bama?! eh?? :o) Heh. It's cute. (In English, that's "I am heading to Birmingham, Alabama").

4. People here can say ANYTHING as long as it is prefaced with the phrase, "Bless his heart." ex) "Sheila, Marco is as dumb as a pile of blunt nails...bless his heart." heh. Bless what?? That always makes me laugh.

5. I love Publix (grocery store--extraoridnaire). The sandwiches are good. The cake is good. They have pizza dough for $1.25. The advertising is creative. They're giving the WM a bit of competition in the Southeast. Good stuff, that Publix.

I can't believe it has been almost 8-months. A year ago, I would have laughed at anyone who said I'd be in Atlanta now. CRAZY. It's crazy what the Lord did to get me here (props to LL Cool J)...but I'm so glad He did. Lord, you are in this. Thank you for being soooo in charge. Thank you for taking my life and making it Yours. Thank you for the blessings I've found here. Fellowship. Friends. Good, Good times.



P.S. I love you, my friends in Missouri. I think about you often. They just don't have good bluegrass in the city! ;p Amanda, punk, call me. Dwayne, your grilling kicks Georgia BBQ TAIL. Mikelle and Jason, there will never be a better BLT than the one I had hanging out with you. Grandma and Grandpa, I miss our afternoon chats. ***SAP ALERT*** This place will never replace you. I just wanted to get that in writing. ;)

To bed!

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