Monday, May 14, 2007

What does it mean to "ride a little higher on the hog"??
Who is riding hogs anyway? Maybe there's an ancient lost tribe of hog-riding heathens (For modern heathen action, see:Hogs) Hmmm....

What's so bad about having someone "in your hair" anyway? "Give me 10-minutes and I'll be out of your hair." Is that supposed to be a relief? I think I'd rather hear the opposite, wouldn't you? Hmmmm....

Why would a dude get testy after a "happy Mother's Day!" ??? C'mon, I'm not implying you're a MOTHER, man! We don't think it's weird to accept a "happy Martin Luther King's Day" when it's obvious we're NOT MLK Jr. . . or a "happy St. Paddy's!" when we're not Patrick. Hmmmm.... everybody just relax. por favor and s'il vous plait.

So, it's Monday. I'm off. I'm celebrating by pursuing some of my dreams, making impossible plans, and vaccuuming. The elliptical and I have a date later....always a good time.

Happy Days. Windy nights. Collars and stuff.



  1. My bad... I thought the Eliptical was in the list of things to do after vacuming and then you had a date... :P

  2. No, my date WAS the elliptical. He's pretty predictable and the conversation is pretty one-sided, but hey... ;)


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